Companies such as ours face a variety of risks, including financial reporting, legal, credit, liquidity, operational, health, safety and cybersecurity. The Board believes an effective risk management system will

  1. identifies the material risks that we face in a timely manner,
  2. communicates necessary information with respect to material risks to senior executives and, as appropriate, to the Board or relevant board committee,
  3. implements or oversees implementation of appropriate and responsive risk management and mitigation strategies consistent with our risk profile, and
  4. integrates risk management into our decision-making.

The Board oversees risk management after receiving briefings from management and advisors and based on its own analysis and conclusions regarding the adequacy of our risk management processes. The Board, with assistance and input from its committees, continuously evaluates and manages material risks, including geopolitical and enterprise risk, financial risk, environmental risk, health and safety risk, and the effect of compensation structures on risk-taking behaviors. By virtue of the directors working closely with executive management, who in turn work closely with the mining operators, we believe we have created an effective and efficient risk communication system that has increased collaboration and communication.


The Company has a policy with regard to the consideration of diversity in identifying director nominees, which is available below. In addition to gender diversity on the Board of Directors, gender diversity exists with two of the four executive officers.

The Company continues to strive to nominate individuals with a variety of backgrounds and complementary skills so that, as a group, the Board possesses the appropriate talent, skills, and expertise to oversee our businesses. This assessment includes consideration of independence, expertise, mining and other industry background, age, gender, skills, geographic location and time availability, in the context of the needs of the Board and our Company.

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