Gold Resource Corporation Gold and Silver Dividend Program

Gold Resource Corporation (GRC) shareholders have the option to receive gold and silver dividends by converting their cash dividend into physical gold and / or silver providing direct exposure to physical precious metals. Upon execution and conversion from cash into physical, the shareholder has the option to take delivery of their physical precious metals, direct their physical into a Gold Bullion International approved vault or direct the metals into a vault of their choosing.

For complete information on how GRC dividends are distributed in physical gold and / or silver and how to open up a shareholder "bullion account", please read the external website referral below and click "I Agree".

The Gold Resource Corporation "GRC Eagles" one ounce round was designed to honor both the United States of America and the United States of Mexico and their ties to the Mining Industry. The design integration of the American Eagle clutching a pick and shovel and an image of a miner's face hidden in the mountains of Pikes Peak pays homage to the industry. The Mexican Eagle side proudly displays the name Oaxaca Mexico and the date 2010 denoting the year Gold Resource Corporation reached commercial production from the Company's Oaxaca Mining Unit in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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